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For home heating oil accounts that are having their tank replaced or taken out of service, ROC can pump out the remaining product in the tank(s).

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  • For a written Quote on a specific project, please click HERE

  • Recycle Oil Company  is committed to providing fast and friendly service to our accounts. We specialize in large tank cleaning projects especially higher-viscosity, high-heat requirement materials. Give us a call if you have a specific project in mind which may be at variance with the above structure and we will be happy to provide you a written quote for your particular project.

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  • No more than 25 feet of distance between truck and tank.

  • Tank has a minimum 2" pipe opening.

  • A minimum clearance of 38 inches between the top of the tank and the nearest obstruction above.



For generators of spent lubricating oils, transmissions fluids, hydraulic oils, fatty acids, and other non-hazardous oils, the following fees/structure applies;

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