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Materials Handled

Recycling is the separation, collection and recovery of useful materials for manufacture into new products or raw materials. 

Recycling can redirect large percentages of waste material into beneficial secondary use – for homes, businesses, institutions and industry. Recycling reduces the use of natural resources and production of greenhouse gases and can save money as well. The majority of communities and citizens support recycling, as it is the most effective way to minimize impact on the environment. 

Using our Company-Owned fleet of trucks, we can pick-up your materials and transport them to our facility for proper handling and dispensation. Oftentimes, our services will result in a credit to the generator / disposer when the materials have a value. 

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We can remove the following materials from your site; 

  • Used and Unused Motor Oils 

  • Petroleum - contact waste water

  • Used and Unused Anti-Freeze 

  • #2 Heating Oil 

  • #4 Heating Oil 

  • #6 Fuel Oil 

  • Kerosene 

  • Diesel Fuel 

  • Transmission Fluid 

  • Hydraulic Fluid 

  • Gear Oils 

  • Mineral Oils 

We also offer 'Ground Heaters' for re-heating heavy oils:

Heat King Enclosed Tandem Trailer 

500K BTU duel #2 fuel furnaces  
300 gal fuel tank
300 gal glycol tank
8 output hose port connections
8 input hose port connections

(requires) 110 A/C power supply 
Hose - rental available (several thousand feet by request) 
Generator - rental available at request 
#2 Fuel supplied by renter
Delivery / pickup fees apply
Heater is completely automated. Maintaining 110AC power supply and fuel.
Furnaces work on a preset thermostat.
Machine is capable of being locked and operated unmanned. 

Heat King Enclosed Single Axle Trailer
150k BTU single burner furnace
100 gal #2 fuel tank supply 
3 input 
3 output


Our Company is Fully Insured

Facility ID # 301288

EPA ID # PAD 980537666

Call for more information (610) 250-8747

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